Word Puzzles

Non-Cryptic Things

A Completely Ordinary Crossword (25 Dec 2020) is a completely ordinary crossword. Written for a puzzle exchange; has been slightly edited to remove inside references. Clues and grid are both available in text form.

Cryptic Clues

Some of my favorite cryptic clues (that weren’t written for a particular puzzle) are here.

Variety Cryptics

I’ve made several cryptic crosswords, inspired largely by the work of Ucaoimhu. These cryptics are generally not very easy - feel free to contact me for hints or feedback!

A few of these puzzles have some inside references in them; a ★ has an explanation of the references (with spoilers!)

Not Bluebeard’s Castle (4 Jan 2021): A puzzle that references Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle, but has something deeper going on… No knowledge of Bartók’s puzzle is required to solve this. When you’ve finished the puzzle, there’s some bonus content too!

Going Up! (8 Nov 2019): A puzzle written for an important event for a good friend. ()

Arc (&) Reactors (13 Apr 2019): Written as a send-off to a work of fiction I enjoyed. Not very accessible for solvers unfamiliar with the work of fiction. If you’re still interested in solving, the information you’ll need is here.

Strange Decorations (25 Dec 2018): Written for a Secret Santa puzzle exchange. ()